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Cabinet Painting of Naples works closely with Arno Painting and Jason Bourque to bring many years of experience to each project.  You are in good hands. 


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After Painting Kitchen
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Painting Cabinets is our business, here's what we think you should know

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What is the actual cost of cabinet painting?

Our estimates for a medium-sized kitchen (20 Cabinet Doors) can be estimated between $2,500 – $3,500 done and done. You can expect that painting your kitchen cabinets can often be below $5,000.

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How long will it take to paint my kitchen cabinets?

To complete the painting kitchen cabinets for a medium-sized kitchen (20 cabinet doors) should require about 3 days from start to finish. I know, fast right? It’s one of the quickest ways to upgrade your kitchen.

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How do I choose a paint color for my cabinets?

We can help you choose your color for your painting project if you’re not a Pinterest expert and already know exactly what you want. Click below for some great tips on how to choose your color.

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When can you complete my project?

We are a locally owned painting company and like to create a schedule that serves everyone. We typically accommodate desired schedules within about 2 weeks.

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Does your painting process make a mess?

This type of project can be messy, but what really matters is how we clean it up. Click below to get the down and ‘dirty’ details on our cabinet painting process including clean-up! 

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Will my cabinets look cheap after they are painted?

On the contrary, cabinet painting done correctly can be even more beautiful than wooden cabinets. At least WE think so. They also wear very well. 

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Cabinet Painting of Naples

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Cabinet Painting Before and After Photos

Before Painting Cabinets
Kitchen before painting
Midnight Dream Painted kitchen
Midnight Dream Painted kitchen
Midnight Dream Painted kitchen
Kitchen before painting 1
kitchen before painting 3
kitchen before painting 4
kitchen before painting 2
Completed White kitchen
Completed White kitchen
Before Painting Kitchen Cabinets
Before Painting Kitchen Cabinets White Dove in Naples
After Painting Kitchen Cabinets
After 2 painting kitchen cabinets
After Painting Bathroom Vanity

Before and After Videos

                            Benefits of painting cabinets in your home

A new look

Updating your kitchen cabinets can actually increase your happy-factor! With a new, fresh look, you will feel uplifted everytime you enter your kitchen. 

Cost effective

Painting your kitchen cabinets costs only a fraction of what it would cost to reface or replace. These methods can cost 3x more than painting. 

Home value

Homeowners can realistically expect to see up to 300% ROI (return on investment) after updating their kitchen cabinets with paint. 

Low dispruption

Homeowners experience very short project times (as little as 3 1/2 days) and minimal disruption in their home during their cabinet painting process.

Safe products

Paint companies now make environmentally friendly paint products with Low or No Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).  

Cabinet Painting Done Right

It matters! If you're going to invest in your home, make sure the changes you make bring actual value to your home.

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