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"I want to create a beautiful result in my work as a cabinet painter. One that makes my customers love being in their kitchen."

Cabinet Painting of Naples a licensed cabinet painter. We have been painting kitchen cabinets for over 20 years. Our founder started 25 years ago in Maui as a member of a painting crew. When he moved back to the mainland, he decided to start a painting business and set out to perfect his craft.  He studied cabinet painting, faux finishes and interior painting. He learned from experts in the field as well as through his own experience.  “It’s really important for me to create a beautiful result that is completed correctly. I want my customers to be happy with long lasting, beautiful change in their home environment.” 

After having painted well over 600 kitchens, we provide the expertise necessary to create a beautiful kitchen. We want it to be affordable and last a long time. We know you’ll love your kitchen for years to come.

Cabinet Painting of Naples has well over 115 positive reviews from our customers and feel proud of the work we do. 

Our approach

Our Mission

It is our mission is to make your life better by improving the look and feel of your kitchen, bath, office or laundry cabinetry in an affordable and beautiful way. We want our customers to feel great about choosing us as their number 1 cabinet painter.

Our Vision
Our vision is to positively influence each and every customer's overall outlook by creating a more beautiful space for them to live, laugh, and love in.

We are two optimists who love to work together with you to create something beautiful.

Todd Cabinet Painter Naples

“My grandfather taught me the value of using my hands to create. Today, using my hands to create beautiful spaces with paint is essential part of my life’s satisfaction.”              Todd, owner and lead painter


Gwen Cabinet Painter Naples

“I find great value in creating spaces that we love to be in. Supporting our customers in taking the step toward something new brings me great joy.”                                                                        Gwen, Customer Relations Management

Numbers speak

We have numbers that push us to give our best and make sure that we continue to break our own records. Cabinet Painting of Naples continues to grow and help more people love their home day by day because we are the number 1 cabinet painter in Naples. 

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