Is it a good idea to paint my cabinets?

Is it really a good idea to paint my cabinets?

Some customers want to know if it’s a good idea to paint their cabinets. Questions come up such as, “Is paint good for the wood?” “Will my kitchen decrease in value?” “Will the cabinets look ‘cheap’ after they are painted?” “Will the cabinets be as durable with paint?” and so on. There are several reasons why we think it is a great idea to paint cabinets, and though we may be a little biased, we also have a lot of experience with the pros and cons to painting cabinets.  

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Benjamin Moore Paints

Good Idea #1 Paint Durability

We use Benjamin Moore Advance paint. Benjamin Moore’s Advance has a great finished look, flow, adhesion, and durability. It is a paint that dries to a hard, furniture like finish. For your cabinet coatings to be durable, not only do we need to use a high quality product, but we also must prepare the surface properly, so that the coatings can mechanically bond to the surface and primer. Of all the kitchens we have painted using this product, we have not received one call-back complaint about durability. That speaks to the product and our process. 

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Good Idea #2 Increase Home Value

Quite the opposite. Customers who update their homes by painting cabinets from wood stain to a color (most often a white) are able to ask more for their homes by $3,000-$6,000 and up. We often receive calls from customers whose real estate agents highly recommend painting kitchen cabinets to update and upgrade a home, making it more saleable. A home is 50% more likely to sell when the kitchen and  laundry cabinets as well as bath vanities have been updated. 

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Kitchen Cabinet Painting

Good Idea #3. Cabinet Upgrade to Elegance

Your completed cabinets will look brand new if you have a cabinet painting company that knows what they are doing. Your cabinet painters must experienced in proper  preparation, skilled at spray painting and a master of detail. All too often, DIYers will watch a few Youtube videos and think it’s a snap and the result is disappointing at best. Painting cabinets is not easy and requires years of practice to create a high quality result. At Cabinet Painting of Naples we have many years of experience in painting cabinets. We never brush or roll our surfaces so you never have to worry if it’s going to look like your neighbor painted them. You’ll see a high-quality, smooth finish with excellent coverage. Many of your guests won’t even know they were painted. Read these tips on how to choose a cabinet color.