Cabinet Painting Process

The Cabinet Painting Process

Our cabinet painting process was designed with you in mind. We get it, painting your kitchen, laundry, vanity, or garage cabinets is a big deal. Once you’ve decided to go for it, Cabinet Painting of Naples is here to help and support you with every step of the cabinet painting process.  We have been painting cabinets for over 20 years and enjoy helping you create a new space by painting your cabinets. This process involves many steps such as choosing the right color and finish all the way to the final inspection. We promise to help you create the kitchen, laundry or bath you desire and we’re sure you’ll be happy with the results  for many years to come.

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Get on Painting Calendar


After you have accepted our quote, we will agree on a time to start your painting project. We are most often able to schedule our customers within a two-week time period of their desired date. You don’t have to wait months to start your project. We believe in being efficient with our time and respect yours, too. We do all we can to complete your project at your desired completion date. 


Choosing a cabinet color can be simple, but it’s not always easy. We are here to support you in the decision-making process with recommendations based on many years of experience. If you are a do-it-yourselfer, we suggest you check out  Benjamin Moore online to view all of their colors. We find that their website is intuitive, and easy to use.  If you’re more hands on, you can visit your local paint store that carries Benjamin Moore products to narrow down your search. Be sure to ask us about special finishes that can be applied after the base coat. For example, striping, antiquing, distressing or glazing. And if you really want to get your hands dirty, purchase a sample, apply it to a white board (2 coats) and set it in the kitchen where light falls generously. Observe it in morning, noon and evening light.  

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Door Preparation before painting

“We believe that a smooth finish makes for a beautiful result, that’s why we spray all our surfaces. No rolling or brushing for a smooth finish that reflects the light beautifully.”

Step 3 - Door Preparation (DAY 1)

On Day 1 of project start, we will arrive early (between 7:30-8:00 AM) to remove the doors from your cabinets. You will have already removed the items from all cabinets and drawers, as well as the hardware from your doors and drawers.  This process requires approximately 1 1/2 – 2 hours and we will only be at your home for that period of time on the first day. We then bring the doors  to our shop where we carefully and thoroughly take them through the following process: 

  • wash with TSP (heavy-duty cleaner to remove all dirt and oils) and thoroughly dry each door, front and back. 
  • sand the entire surface to be painted, both front and back. Wipe with dust cloth to remove any dust or particles.
  • carefully hang each door individually in our protected “bubble”, providing an idea dust and dirt free environment for the application for both primer coats and top coats.
  • apply two coats of Advance Primer followed by two coats of furniture grade, durable Benjamin Moore Advance Premium paint.

Step 4 - Area Preparation (DAY 2)

Area Preparation. Arriving at 7:30 – 8:00 AM, we begin area preparation which involves masking off every area that is not to be painted. This includes the entire floor, each opening from cabinet doors and drawers, portions of the ceiling around cabinetry, all appliances, countertops, sinks, light fixtures etcetera. We will then create a plastic bubble to protect the rest of your home from dust created by sanding or microscopic paint particles resulting from the spraying process. Once all masking is complete, all surfaces are thoroughly cleaned and sanded. 

Kitchen Cabinet Painting Preparation masking
Kitchen Cabinet Painting Prep

Step 5 - Painting Begins (DAY 3)

We spray all surfaces because we believe a beautiful kitchen has smooth surfaces (no roller or brush marks!). Our first application is primer, following by a second coat of primer. Once adequately dry, we follow primer with TWO coats of paint, providing even and full coverage.  ​The products we use provide outstanding coverage.  It cures to a hard, furniture-grade finish. 

Step 6 - Final Stages (DAY 3.5-4)

Final Stages. Arriving between 7:30 – 8:00 AM, we begin to remove all paper, masking tape, and  plastic. Once all masking is removed, we reinstall doors on cabinet boxes, place drawers and install  hardware on doors and drawers. At this time, we complete all finishing touches. 

On completion, we do a walk-through with you to make sure that you are satisfied with each and every detail, go over any questions you might have as well as discuss care recommendations for your new finish.  

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