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Choose Your Paint Color for Kitchen Cabinets

“It’s easier than it seems to choose a paint color for your kitchen cabinets.”

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Paint Colors are Powerful

Colors have the power to not only make a room look larger or smaller, but they can bring cabinets forward into focus or make them recede into the background. If you choose a dark blue, for example, it will cause the kitchen to appear smaller. Dark cabinets will be the first thing you see, bringing cabinets forward. Darker colors can also create an anchoring effect, which will require some balancing with lighter colors and materials in countertops, backsplash tile, and wall color. If you choose lighter colors, like white for example, your cabinets will fade into the background and cause the room to feel larger. 

How to choose a paint color for your kitchen cabinets

To choose a paint color for your kitchen, we suggest you first consider that your cabinets are like a large piece of furniture. They can be a focal point and draw attention, or they can fade into the background to support other colors in your kitchen such as in your backsplash, countertops, or walls.

Next, consider if you are a person who appreciates warm or cool colors. This will cut your choices by half and make it a little easier to narrow down your final choice. Worth noting, there are warm and cool colors in all colors of the spectrum. No matter which color you go toward, keep in mind that if they contain blues and greens, they are cool. Yellows and oranges are warm. 

We feel the most important thing to consider when choosing a color is to answer the question, “how do I want to feel in this space?” Do I want more energy? Do I want to feel relaxed? Based on your answer to these questions, see if the color samples you have painted on your wall creates that feeling.

Colors with Natural Light

Choosing a lighter color can tend to reflect the natural light that already exists in your kitchen, thereby making the kitchen appear brighter. Darker colors can have the opposite effect.

Keep in mind that colors can appear different at different times of the day. When you narrow down your choices to 3, we encourage you to paint a 12×12 card with each and view them in the light at different times of the day and evening in overhead lights.

Last Notes on Cabinet Paint Color

Lastly, if you don’t know where to start, get on Pinterest and peruse different painted kitchens. We find that our clients easily narrow down their preferences in this way. Another great resource is Benjamin Moore online. Explore paint colors here

And of course, we at Cabinet Painting of Naples will assist you with color choices to ease the process.  We will help you reach your target!

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