Cost of Cabinet Painting in Naples

How Much Does Cabinet Painting Cost?

“The cost of cabinet painting can be the least of any home-upgrade project.”

kitchen cabinet painting cost

Think of it as a small investment with a great return

The truth is, the cost of cabinet painting for your kitchen cabinets is minimal compared to any other significant home upgrade. It is the most affordable way to update your home. It’s also the least expensive way to improve your home’s value. Did you know that a painted kitchen can increase the value of your home from between $3,000-$6,000? The kitchen is most often the deciding factor for home buyers. But, the investment is not just monetary. Many homeowners choose to paint their cabinets to improve the way they feel when they spend time in their kitchen. A new color on the cabinets can be an extremely uplifting change. 

Actual cost to paint cabinets in your kitchen

Depending on the size of your kitchen, the cost to paint cabinets can be anywhere between $2,000 to $6,000. There are several variables that enter into this equation. 

SURFACE AREA.  We calculate the base cost according to how many cabinet doors a kitchen has. Though the entire surface area of the cabinets must be prepped properly, the doors require the most labor intensive preparation. This involves door removal, washing, sanding, caulking and priming as well as small minor repairs due to normal wear and tear. After taking into considering the number of doors, we calculate square footage of the remaining surface area which includes drawers, panels and cabinet boxes. 

SIZE OF KITCHEN. The cost of painting kitchen cabinets can be affected by the layout of the kitchen. Typically if a kitchen is small and compact, there is less labor and materials required to properly protect areas from dust, damage, or overspray. If a kitchen floor plan includes a butler’s pantry, a media desk area, or a beverage and wine counter then the labor and materials costs increase.

A few more things to consider

CHOICE OF PAINT, FINISH and HARDWARE. As you might expect, choosing just one color for kitchen cabinets will be the least expensive. Adding special finishes like distressing, antiquing, and antiquing will drive up the labor costs. Adding new hardware increases cost as each cabinet door and drawers will require patching of old holes and creating new ones. 

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