Cabinet Painting

Kitchen Cabinet Painting

“Kitchen cabinet painting is well worth the investment.”

After Painting Kitchen

Upgrade Your Kitchen Cabinets with Paint

Our homeowners in Naples wisely choose to update their home by painting their kitchen cabinets. Today’s homeowner spends more time in their kitchen than ever and they want to feel good when they are there. A new coat of paint on an otherwise dreary wooden cabinet stain can uplift your kitchen in a hurry. Not only will there be more light reflection and thus brightening, but a fresh, new feel.   

Updating your kitchen cabinets provides an upgrade and increases the value of your home significantly.  And if you’re planning to sell your home it’s a worthwhile investment. Studies show that homebuyers are more apt to buy if the kitchen has been upgraded. 

And if you’re planning to stay, you’ll benefit by being in a room that feels new and fresh; a room you’ll want to spend time in. If you know someone in South Carolina who would enjoy their kitchen better with painted cabinets, check out the following link: Cabinet Painting Spartanburg

How Do We Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets?

Cabinet Door Prep

Door Preparation before painting

We prepare your kitchen cabinet doors first by removing the hardware and then removing them from the cabinet boxes. They are brought to our shop where we deep clean with TSP (trisodium phosphate) to remove all debri and any trace of oils. We then sand the entire surface both manually and with an electric hand sander. Finally, we remove all dust with a microfiber dust cloth. The doors are now ready to hang in our painting booth. We spray two coats of primer and two top coats for a smooth beautiful finish. This process will require 1 day. We will be in your home for only 1 1/2 hours to remove the doors and bring them back to our shop. 

Kitchen Prep

Kitchen Cabinet Painting Preparation masking

We prepare your kitchen by masking off every area that will not be painted, including countertops, cabinet door openings, drawers, appliances, near-walls and floor. You will not have access to your kitchen sink or other appliances. The one exception is your refrigerator which can often be easily moved to a spot that is accessible and not in the painting area. Once the entire kitchen is masked off, we create a secure, plastic bubble to completely surround the area to be painted. This protects the rest of your home from sanding dust and small micro-particles of paint from the sprayer. Following this step, all surfaces are washed with TSP and sanded. 

Painting Begins

Kitchen Cabinet Painting Prep

Once all masking is complete and the bubble is created, the painting process begins. All surfaces are covered with two coats of primer, followed by two top coats of furniture-grade paint that cures to a hard, finish. Even though the paint requires relatively little time to dry, we recommend that our customers treat this surface with extra care for the first week. The products we use will cure in that first week. You will be able to use your kitchen and replace all items that have been moved. The painting process requires one day. Many of our customers choose to leave the home during this process, but it is not required. The protective bubble keeps our work very contained and our paints have very low odor.

Mask Removal

In style Painted Kitchen Cabinets White Dove Naples

Once the paint is completely dry, we remove all masking from countertops, floors, appliances, and walls. The bubble is taken down and all painted surfaces are carefully inspected and if needed, small touch ups are completed to create a beautiful finish. We reinstall the drawers and doors and replace all hardware. We pay careful attention to each and every detail to the final counter wipe-down with our microfiber cloth. Once complete, we conduct a “walk-through” with our customer to make sure that the entire project is satisfactory.  

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